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From Austria to Southeast Asia | From southeast Asia to Austria Together successful for start-ups and companies

1st multilateral Sou'East Asia Business Stage (SEABS) event for joint collaboration in business, technology and training between Austria and South East Asia - Collaborations for today and tomorrow

When: 06. - 07. September 2021

Venue: the event will be implemented as a hybrid event

Lakeside science & technology park,
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee / austria & online

While the markets in Southeast Asia are becoming increasingly interesting for European start-ups and companies, young companies from Southeast Asia, especially in the organic food sector and in the innovative start-up scene, are increasingly setting their sights on the European markets. This creates great opportunities, but are also major challenges for companies. Not only intercultural differences, but also the different requirements of the markets in Europe and Southeast Asia must be taken into account. Last but not least, legal regulations, quality requirements and controls, DIN values, limits and traceability of supply chains, etc. are important to be successful in a market. SEABS was created to provide a platform for these trends.

In order to give companies an opportunity to exchange information about the conditions and requirements in Europe or Southeast Asia or to find suitable cooperation partners, the Sou'East Asian Business Stage was officially launched in March 2021 in the presence of representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, the Lakeside Technology Park and the ambassadors of Thailand and Vietnam.

What does the business stage provide:

The Sou'East Asian Business Stage will not be a one-way street of lecturers. Rather, it is intended to encourage discussion and mutual exchange. Various workshops will be offered for this purpose. Special events will be offered for female entrepreneurs, young start-ups, or information events on special funding programs of the respective partner countries.

The Sou’East Asia Business stage will provide a floor for:

          • Connecting business and business-related actors in Carinthia and South East Asia

          • Connecting business and education
          • Bilateral exchange between politics and business
          • Presentation of funding opportunities

          • Networking of start-ups and investors
          • Problems, challenges and solutions for female entrepreneurs in daily business
          • Introducing country and region-specific business opportunities and demand
          • Sharing know how and best practise
          • Establish a permanent business stage platform between South East Asia and Austria

          • Initiating a discussion on opportunities for collaboration
          • Creating concrete business connections and the basis for joint pilots, POCs and more

          • Introducing start-ups and businesses to present and stage their products and service


Based on the importance of certain business sector, the first business stage event will have a focus on collaboration and innovation in the food- and food related sector, health care including health tourism and in relation to the overarching topics of bio-circular-green economy and related education and training.


Start-ups, official representatives of economic public and private institutions, investors, companies from the above-mentioned economic sectors, representatives of professional associations, vocational schools as well as institutions of Higher Education.


The recurring event is initiated and organised by the Asian European consulting group (AEC) with offices and Bangkok, Thailand and Carinthia and the project management and digitization company sumo Technologies in collaboration with the Business region Carinthia and Advantage Austria and the embassies of Thailand and Vietnam.

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